Computational Resources

There is a lot of information out there on everything but it is extremely difficult to sort through it and find the good information. Thus, good resources and links to some external good resources on various things are provided below. Note, external content may change in an unpredictable way.

Programming Resources


  • curvefittingexample.m

    Figuring out how to do linear and nonlinear curve fitting in MATLAB the first time can be challenging as one must first find the right function, prepare everything for its execution, and extract the results. This is complicated by having more than one way to do each of these fit types (with and without the Curve Fitting Toolbox). This is an m-file with examples of how to do linear and nonlinear fitting with and without the Curve Fitting Toolbox (each is separated into a different cell). Each example makes a data set with random noise added in, fits the parameters, finds the uncertainties in the fitted parameters, and plots the results.


  • [external] Stanford Fortran 77 Tutorial

    A good introduction to Fortran 77 for programmers and non-programmers written by Paul H. Hargrove, Sarah T. Whitlock, and Erik Boman at Stanford for a mathematical and computational course.

  • [external] Stanford Fortran 90 Tutorial

    A good introduction to Fortran 90 for programmers and non-programmers that already know some Fortran 77 written by Paul H. Hargrove and Sarah T. Whitlock at Stanford for a mathematical and computational methods course. It is a good continuation of the Stanford Fortran 77 Tutorial.

  • [MTU external] C.-K. Shene’s Fortran 90 Tutorial

    Professor C.-K. Shene of MTU’s Department of Computer Science wrote an introduction to Fortran 90 for the computer classes he teaches. The introduction assumes no prior knowledge of Fortran (any version).

  • [external] Professional Programmer’s Guide to Fortran 77

    A book on Fortran 77 written by and later released for free use in electronic form by Clive G. Page at the University of Leicester. This book is meant for people that are either experienced programmers who want to learn Fortran 77 or for people who already know Fortran 77 and want to dive deeper into it.

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